FAQ / What to Expect


  • When you purchase a class, you'll get an automatic confirmation of your purchase.
  • Cancellation policy.  See Virtual Training Terms & Conditions (also available on the checkout page).  In Summary:  full refund until 14 days before the scheduled start date,  50% refund between 14 and 8 days before the scheduled start date, 20% refund within a week of the scheduled start date.

Before Class

  • A week before class starts, you’ll receive an email with setup instructions and a link to download the course materials.  This is the time to do any setup troubleshooting.
  • If it’s not a Python Foundations class, this is a good time to review your notes from Python Foundations and re-familiarize yourself with the interfaces (virtual environment activation, Jupyter Lab) and workflows.

During class week

  • Class starts each day promptly at the advertised time.  Your instructor will be available for pre-class questions or banter about 15 minutes before class.
  • We’ll take breaks roughly every hour: a 5 min break after the first hour, a 10 min break at the halfway point, and a 5 min break at the 3 hour mark.
  • Participation is encouraged and expected!  Speak up or raise your virtual hand when you have a question — if you have a question, someone else probably does, too!
  • Once we’re through the initial introductions and setup, we’ll start working through the material:
    • A short introduction of a concept
    • A live demo which you’re encouraged to follow along on your own machine
    • Give it a Try!” demos where we’ll post a short problem and give you 5-10 mins to figure it out on your own before walking through the solution
    • In most classes, there are more-involved exercises requiring 30-40 minutes of independent work on a problem that makes use of material we've covered.  Exercises are timed to coincide with one of the hourly breaks or, more often, end of class so you can work on it as homework.  We begin the next sessions by talking through the solution and addressing any questions or confusion before moving on.


  • Your Enthought certifications and prerequisites will remain valid with Diller Digital.
  • Diller Digital will issue equivalent certifications to those issued by Enthought Academy.

At Any Time

  • Email us at info@dillerdigital.com with questions or comments!