About Diller Digital

Diller Digital LLC is a Licensed Provider of Enthought Academy Scientific Python Curriculum

Diller Digital is a provider of world-class training in Python programming, aimed at scientists and engineers.  Officially licensed to deliver training from the acclaimed Enthought Academy, Diller Digital offers 5-day courses with 20 hours of live interaction with an Enthought-alum trainer with over 12 years' experience delivering more than 50 week-long courses from Enthought Academy.

Diller Digital was founded in October 2023 by Tim Diller to serve the market for high-touch, interactive training in Python-based programming and analysis after Enthought announced the sunset of their offering.   Having delivered many iterations of Enthought's Python for Scientists and Engineers, Python Foundations for Scientists and Engineers, Data Analysis with Pandas for Scientists and Engineers, and Software Engineering for Scientists and Engineers, Tim is highly qualified and experienced in instruction in Python to scientists and engineers with a range of backgrounds and experiences, from near-novices whose programming experiences is limited to spreadsheet formulas, to experienced programmers who are looking to add Python to a long list of other languages.

Photo of the founder, Tim Diller

Tim holds B.S.., and Ph.D. degrees in Mechanical Engineering from The University of Texas at Austin and an M.S. in Course 2 (Mechanical Engineering) from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  Between Master's and Doctoral degrees, Tim spend 5 years working at the Michelin Americas Research & Development Corporation in Greenville, South Carolina, first as a test engineer, instrumenting tire / vehicle systems and writing software to manage the flow of test data, and eventually doing modeling and simulations of tire/vehicle systems for handling performance.

After returning to his roots to pursue a Ph.D. in Austin, Texas measuring and modeling the emission of particulates from diesel engines, Tim signed on at Enthought and spent 12½ years writing software for clients in engineering disciplines from consumer products to oil exploration and chemical manufacturing, then managing software teams, then managing digital transformations for large customer accounts in semiconductor and specialty materials manufacturing.

Early in his career at Enthought, Tim started teaching courses in Python for mid-career scientists and engineers and helped to develop the curriculum for what is now the Enthought Academy.  Throughout his career with its many turns, Tim has exhibited a passion for engineering, software, and improving human potential through education.  Tim's goal in founding Diller Digital is to elevate the value and dignity of the work of scientists and engineers by giving them digital tools and the skills to learn new tools or even build their own to take their work to a new level.

Have questions?  Send them to info@dillerdigital.com!